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Tuesday, April 19, 2005
  How to paint your front door.

Regular readers might be aware that I have been feeling really angry about the builders (who still have not finnished) working outside my home. Really attentive readers might remember that I was attacked by one of them.

Well today was the day that I had enough and I have spent the morning writting a long article on the correct way to paint doors. Not you might say the worlds most interesting topic untill you realise that these cowboys that the local council have employed were required to paint my door.

It took over a week between undercoat and final coat and to suggest they were not to enthusiastic with the sand papering would be like suggesting the pope might be relgiouse.

The paint job is particularly bad and and the final coat even has patches were they missed bits (not to mention lots of runs and brush marks).

Well in tune with the original Beautiful Talker mandate to say nice things only I spent some time researching the task of painting one's front door. I discovered that it is an easy DIY task and that lots of guides existed to help a body do jsut that.

Of course they is the minimum requirement that the body contain a brain and some method of manipulating a paintbrush but that's as taxing as it gets.

As posts go it was quite a long one but it does score highly in the morral victory department. My door still sucks but at least I have shown how it should be done and provided lsits to common amature errors.

You never know the builders might read it and put it in to practice and future jobs might be better... no I don't think that will happen iether but I can hope.

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