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Monday, March 28, 2005
  TDC Exposed
TDC Exposed: "So when a so-called-police-man phoned my house and not only asked some very strange questions but told me several details about a 'witness' to a crime he says I committed giving not only their gender but their home address I grew suspicious and started to change the names and numbers I was mentioning."

It would seem that I have a stalker. According to all character-based analysis we can expect that this is a white male aged 25 to 40, with a standard of education below level 3 (GCSE max) from a working class background. Never-the-less the subject (my stalker) will consider himself to be of above average intelligence and gifted in someway.

This stalker would be of stocky to medium build tall but not unusually so, subject to fits of rage and a poorly controlled temper although this person will probably not engage in a large number of fights but will speak at times with a violent hatred in his words. He is the kind of person to seethe inwardly rather than speak out as this person is passive-aggressive and fears direct confrontation preferring to hide in shadows and strike from the darkness.

It is possible his father abused him in some (probably minor) way and that he has sexual urges that he does not fully comprehend but disturb his black and white view of the world. He may secretly suspect himself to be gay and yet find the idea repellent.

He will have an almost "Messiah complex" view of the rightness of his position and feel as if he is engaged on a quest not unakin to a pilgrimage. He may even assign some spiritual meaning to his actions although he would deny the intervention of any supernatural entity. He will believe himself to be privy to secret or privileged information and will unconsciously seek out signs that confirm this.

The subject will feel it is their duty to rebalanced the scales of justice and in the presence of a sufficiently strong psychosis will be willing to murder to do this. they will see nothing wrong with their actions.

The subject/stalker is likely to engage in numerous subterfuges and be prone to paranoia attributing collusion where non-exists. He may be experience emotional transference from ealier trauma and will need to be a all times in control of the situation. They will therefore us lies and subtle tricker to do this often posing as people they are not in order to achieve often pointless aims.

It is possible that the subject may suffer delusions of one kind or another and may engage in seemingly random behaviour in his attempts to manipulate real and imagined situations. This attempted "subterfuges" steam from a collection of internalised fantasies regarding the victim that may include: rape, murder, torture or other violence that will be quite graphic and explicit.

The subject is likely to be in a position where he is able to gather information about his victim mostly in the form of hearsay and speculation. He will have time (either through work that requires little or no mental input or through unemployment) to think on "his research" and will create ideal plots that he does not fully intend to carry out. Eventually these fantasies will become stronger and unless his ability to gather fresh gossip, "facts", or other "information" is ends these fantasies will form into a plan of campaign. The subject may dry run these fantasies and this will allow a sense of disassociation to grow leaving the subject with a god-like sense of invulnerability.

Unchecked he will eventually approach the victim and attempt to live out the scenario he has developed. If the victim deviates from "the script" it will cause the subject to become unsettled and he will likely become extremely violent in an attempt to regain control.


It seems I have a vigilante-stalker with a Messiah Complex. "Great" (I do not think!).

Seems like calf boy has not gone away as we originally suspected but is in fact acting out cowedly fantasies.

Apparently the fact that my stalker attempted to impersinate a policeman indicates that he views himself as not so much beyond the law as the law itself. That makes him a danger to pritty much everyone.

The alternative theory holds the character analysis to be true but assumes the man is a policeman in which case we have a loose cannon "bent copper" doing as he pleases on some holy quest to fix something from his childhood like (for example) being raped by a parent.

Fortunatly the indications are that the stalker is not more than computer literate and therefore extreamly unlikely to use high-tech methods in his servalence. Additionally it would seem that he is unlikely to attempt to rob the place as he seems himself as on the side of good.

What is the most likely conclusion from all this?

It would seem taht my attacker has been whaching the police carry out their rudimentry investigations (laughing at them) and is going to great lengths to monitor them. It is likely that he is waiting from the "heat to be off" before he strikes again.

Before I can act against this pervert I must find a way to test and evidence that the stalker is a builder or as the other option a policeman.

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