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Sunday, January 30, 2005
  Animal-Human Hybrids Spark Controversy
Animal-Human Hybrids Spark Controversy: "Scientists have begun blurring the line between human and animal by producing chimeras - a hybrid creature that's part human, part animal. "
Greatings beautiful readers, he is a news article to shock you.

Human-Animal cross breeds!

Uncle Tom for dinner anyone? 

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Thursday, January 27, 2005
  slashgoth.org - down, not across

I got removed from the IRC UK_Goff channel for complaining it was childish and (shock horror) knowing the real life names of people.

No great loss as one was a thief and the other a looser with an admin password. It seems to me that UK Goths require a real IRC channel.


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Thursday, January 20, 2005
  Filtering by Domestic Blog Providers in China
Filtering by Domestic Blog Providers in China: "Over the last year, the Chinese government has focused increasing attention on the control of blogs. Three popular domestic blog providers in China were temporarily shutdown in March 2004. The websites of the three blog providers, blogcn.com, blogbus.com and blogdriver.com, were not filtered or blocked through technical means, rather they were closed down. The home pages of each of the sites carried a message indicating that their services were temporarily suspended. The blog providers were reportedly closed down because they contained discussions concerning 'a letter' written by Dr. Jiang Yanyong pertaining to the Tiananmen Square massacre."

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Monday, January 17, 2005
  100 Word Challenge.

According to "blog hot or not" music (No. 1) is more popular than linux (No. 65) both of which are more popular than porn (No. 72) at least in terms of popular keywords.

Given the science of politics of life and "humor" (humour to us English) I have chosen to try and write an article that uses all the top 100 words.  As art goes it might be fun and as an experiment in writing with computers I might even win a few new friends for my weblog.  But on the whole I should just talk at length about sex, relationships, movies and love to do well and maybe this will be the top rated (in google etc) article of all time?  

I am going to do this with out the aid of php or other computer gimickry or beer.

Maybe I will write books and be in the news sparking the formation of a new religion based on this philosophy?  followers of christianity might get annoyed with me and the media family would have a field day with me but I would be on uk tv... probably not likely but a nice idea.

It might turn out to be funny on a personal level at least.  Bend technology to get a geek internet first.  Actually I'm not sure it will be a first but I hope it is.  

This will not be a great work of literature as I will have to talk about san francisco and new york and photography therein but I don't actually know anything worth saying on that subject.  However, blogs being what they are and web design being so forgiving perhaps a few college kids might create a satire commentary on this article. At least the university students will likely write wittier put-downs.

weblogs are great as you can get away with sudden changes of direction mid-article and suddenly talk about London Buddhism Television and liberal Christian reaction to it and then talk about boys football comedy.  No other medium would let me get away with publishing such utter rubbish without causing rants from true journal writers with evil pictures and links to sarcasm from some 14 year old that lives in california and doesn't even know me... oh shoot that is exactly what will happen.

Maybe some poetry about food or a girl I used to know would go down better but I have no intention of playing random games with fashion in the online world of thoughts and reading.

I need to design a paragraph that takes in gay punk in canada and photos of cats owned by anime fans and girls with some programming skill and a webcam.  The only connection I can think of has already been used and as I travel the web I find lots of weird humour that could be used... I'll get back to you on that one.

film culture and comics might go well with women, school sports and pop culture.  From there I will try to write about 80's music and weblogs by female depression experts... I fear that might put me at a dead end unless I talk about the art of getting away with working on one's online diary at work while trying to do stuff with html on blogger.

I truly rock!  No one else in all England dreams up such crazy stuff and gets away with it.  I wonder if anyone will look at http://blog.hotornot.com/pages/topBlogs.html and see if I still got all 100 in my article here?


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Saturday, January 15, 2005
  AV Woes

Regular Readers, feeders and subscribers will know by now that apart from publishing irregularly I also stear clear of soap box style stuff.

I don't preach and I don't rant.

...that much.

If you want a good free AV: http://free.grisoft.com/doc/2/lng/us/tpl/v5

However I feel it important to share with you all how upset I have become with Panda AV. This particular AntiVirus program used to be great now it's more "grrr, eat up the memory".

I wrote to Panda and told them what I thaught:

While you (the person reading this message) are likely just be unfortunate enough to work for a useless company I, never-the-less, wish for you to pass the following message on to those cretins who are responsible for the huge waste of time that has become trying to use a computer with Panda AV on it.  Additionally, where appropriate, please engrave this message on sharp flints and shove said flint (with the aid of a large mallet) in places these idiots are unlikely to ever forget about.

(Thank you message to pass on follows)

You program now does far more harm than good.  I hope that after having this message permanently placed where the sun does not shine engraved upon sharp stone you will understand why you should offer me a full and complete refund.

I have had enough of this BS.  When I first got Panda it was smooth, fast, efficient, small and great.  Now it is a steaming turd that does more to crash my computer, lose me data and generally screw up anything I was trying to do than all the Virus, DDOS, Spam and spyware attacks I have endured combined.

Lobotomised goldfish could create a more stable program and Microsoft has proven this on more than one occasion.

It is a liability to run the stupid thing while doing any real work, as it will randomly crash complaining of non-specific thread errors and force a restart.

It is no longer about waiting for the TTC (Time until crash) of an inactive MS-OS (measured in days) but the same for your so-called protection, which is measured in minuets.

If it is going to be one of those particularly shite days and your idiot monkeys banging keys on a keyboard manage to send out a lot of updates I may have to restart my PC up to three times before Panda AV Platinum will even let me use it.

It would seem to me that you lead programmers and analysts could not pour water from a boot with instructions written on the heel.

It creates pop-ups that have no close button and despite the fact I have contacted you on any number of occasions with full technical details and screen shots you fail to act.  Even politicians have a better public image then that.

The program is now a black hole into which all processor time and memory are sucked.

I have to disconnect from the network to get any work done and if I wish to use the more resource heavy programs I must unload Panda and risk needing to restart any number of times before I can get the PC to run without being disrupted by your bug ridden malware.

Outlook now takes between ten and thirty minuets to boot and often crashes completely remaining useless for days at a time now that the email scanner has fully wormed it’s way in.

Your Spam filter is so weak that my “message rules” catch 75% to 95% Spam than your filter at a fraction of the time too.  Please engrave this paragraph on a large fish and beat the team who wrote that useless filter with said fish until they understand that they should get on their knees daily and say a word of thanks that useless monkeys, like they, even have a job.

The firewall will sometimes stall and deny me access to the Internet and refuse to exit memory thus demanding another panda induced re-start.  My grandma could probably invent a more useful method of security than the current “up-to-date” firewall I have from your company.  I ask only that you personally collect the CD of the software I have from you and personally attempt to insert it in the left nostril of your CEO, chairman or other senior idiot whom I hold doubly responsible for my hardship.

Despite repeatedly setting panda to allow all forms of communication from IPs matching the range to your software repeatedly blocks the router, and the other local PCs and attacks and often disrupts my FTP channels in a similar manor weather running passive or not firewall configured or not. 

Furthermore, the process of authenticating chat clients and other point-to-point communication software takes longer than it should as randomly the firewall will bounce a reply and it will not arrive.

Hell on a government made corporate scale network it even blocks the internal server and router paths and internal DNS.  Some users even report that SMTP fails from some PCs… but all that is another story I wish to complain about my experiences with your companies crap.

After scanning down the log with this in-mind guess what remains – go on guess.

That’s right nothing!

A child of five could do a better job wish a penknife and a box of matches.  Call that useful and necessary protection because I do not.

As you can see the software I have from you fails in all regards to meet the criteria for which it was sold.  Additionally it is description as a “tool” and as “protection” is untrue.  You will be aware that I am fully and morally entitled to a full if not double refund and re-imbursement to the tune of sufficient cash to go and buy a real anti-virus program.

You can email the funds to my PayPal account using this address.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2005
  Patented European webshop
Patented European webshop: "All of the elements and processes indicated in the graphic below are covered by granted (not just requested) European Patents."

"Shopping cart: Electronic shopping cart - EP807891 and EP784279 "
Look out web based shops break 20 copyrights!!!! How stupid can a government get?


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Friday, January 07, 2005
  Nothing to say.

Why is it that when I sit down to deliberatly blog I can think of nothing to say? This has always bothered me and so I put a lot of thaught into it.

Blogging is for the main part a way of talking about what you are doing right now and if if what you are doing is sitting down and thinking about what to say that might be interesting that is all you have to talk about.

Who new and insightfull could that be?


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Tuesday, January 04, 2005
  BBC NEWS | World | Asia-Pacific | Dolphins prevent NZ shark attack
Some beautiful news...:
"It was an uncomfortable experience, as they were circled by a great white shark, which came within a couple of metres.

He said around half a dozen dolphins suddenly appeared and herded the swimmers together. The mammals swam in tight circles to create a defensive barrier as the great white lurked under the surface.

The swimmers said the dolphins were extremely agitated and repeatedly slapped the water with their tails, presumably to try to deter the predator as it cruised nearby.

The drama happened in New Zealand three weeks ago, but only now are the lifeguards telling their story. "

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Monday, January 03, 2005
  Bring out your dead! Bring out your dead!

This is a public service announcement: England is dieing. ("Bring out your dead!")

Our hospitals are grinding to a halt and the specialists and consultants are refusing to enter them. Entire wards are being quarantined at a time and A&E sections are being closed and terning people away.

It would seem that Captain Trips has come to visit...

The cause of this panic and failure is a flu epidemic that swept the hospitals on the run up to Christmas. People started to literally pour into the hospitals vomiting and feeling generally very unwell. Before that week was out Canterbury Hospital Closed. The infection has spread to the hospitals where it was able to run unchecked through the places in record time.

The staff at these places were ill equipped to handle such a flood and hospital after hospital is closing down under the strain. In computer terms this is a DDOS attack with the power to take down say Google, Blogger and Yahoo and then have a look at killing Alta-vista without even pausing for breath.

The elderly and newborn are most at risk as your average healthy human has nothing to fear other than a few days of tummy ache vomiting and the trots with the greatest threat being dehydration.

The seriously ill and elderly are advised to stay clear of hospitals until this is over (if it ever is). The sick and injured in hospital can expect fairly dedicated nursing but actual expert attention is another matter. The experts will not be allowed onto a ward until it has been clean for 48 hours.

My Nan had a fall boxing day and still no one knows when she will see the consultant.

The problem is that this flu can mutate fast enough to re-infect people that have already had it. I have it on good authority that the "quarantined" wards are seeing people come down with this same bug more than once.

("Bring out your dead! Bring out your dead! Bring out your dad (if you don't like him)!")


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