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Thursday, March 31, 2005
youthey.me.uk: "Would you believe that in September 2003 the British government was effectively overthrown by one person using an old computer printer and some office stationery?"
can anyone tell me if this is for real?

UPDATE: I've looked a little closer and read a few of his "sheets" and clearly the guys tin foil hat has slipped a bit(!)

I saw not a shred of evidence for any of it. His claims fantastic as they are a called to heal by the lack of a solid item of evidence. His case is further worsened by grammar and written style worse than mine.

So upon reflection - sorry dude I do not believe you although you are free to re-write and use more acute paragraphs. Use numeric evidence where possible and back up every statement with evidence.

Deal with each acute element of you argument separately and don't muddle your middle.

Of this are book deals and fame made. Of this are mighty empires built and won.

Not currently recommended for my beautiful people. (yes I know, I'm a shocking lackey of the capitalist whatever.)


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Monday, March 28, 2005
  TDC Exposed
TDC Exposed: "So when a so-called-police-man phoned my house and not only asked some very strange questions but told me several details about a 'witness' to a crime he says I committed giving not only their gender but their home address I grew suspicious and started to change the names and numbers I was mentioning."

It would seem that I have a stalker. According to all character-based analysis we can expect that this is a white male aged 25 to 40, with a standard of education below level 3 (GCSE max) from a working class background. Never-the-less the subject (my stalker) will consider himself to be of above average intelligence and gifted in someway.

This stalker would be of stocky to medium build tall but not unusually so, subject to fits of rage and a poorly controlled temper although this person will probably not engage in a large number of fights but will speak at times with a violent hatred in his words. He is the kind of person to seethe inwardly rather than speak out as this person is passive-aggressive and fears direct confrontation preferring to hide in shadows and strike from the darkness.

It is possible his father abused him in some (probably minor) way and that he has sexual urges that he does not fully comprehend but disturb his black and white view of the world. He may secretly suspect himself to be gay and yet find the idea repellent.

He will have an almost "Messiah complex" view of the rightness of his position and feel as if he is engaged on a quest not unakin to a pilgrimage. He may even assign some spiritual meaning to his actions although he would deny the intervention of any supernatural entity. He will believe himself to be privy to secret or privileged information and will unconsciously seek out signs that confirm this.

The subject will feel it is their duty to rebalanced the scales of justice and in the presence of a sufficiently strong psychosis will be willing to murder to do this. they will see nothing wrong with their actions.

The subject/stalker is likely to engage in numerous subterfuges and be prone to paranoia attributing collusion where non-exists. He may be experience emotional transference from ealier trauma and will need to be a all times in control of the situation. They will therefore us lies and subtle tricker to do this often posing as people they are not in order to achieve often pointless aims.

It is possible that the subject may suffer delusions of one kind or another and may engage in seemingly random behaviour in his attempts to manipulate real and imagined situations. This attempted "subterfuges" steam from a collection of internalised fantasies regarding the victim that may include: rape, murder, torture or other violence that will be quite graphic and explicit.

The subject is likely to be in a position where he is able to gather information about his victim mostly in the form of hearsay and speculation. He will have time (either through work that requires little or no mental input or through unemployment) to think on "his research" and will create ideal plots that he does not fully intend to carry out. Eventually these fantasies will become stronger and unless his ability to gather fresh gossip, "facts", or other "information" is ends these fantasies will form into a plan of campaign. The subject may dry run these fantasies and this will allow a sense of disassociation to grow leaving the subject with a god-like sense of invulnerability.

Unchecked he will eventually approach the victim and attempt to live out the scenario he has developed. If the victim deviates from "the script" it will cause the subject to become unsettled and he will likely become extremely violent in an attempt to regain control.


It seems I have a vigilante-stalker with a Messiah Complex. "Great" (I do not think!).

Seems like calf boy has not gone away as we originally suspected but is in fact acting out cowedly fantasies.

Apparently the fact that my stalker attempted to impersinate a policeman indicates that he views himself as not so much beyond the law as the law itself. That makes him a danger to pritty much everyone.

The alternative theory holds the character analysis to be true but assumes the man is a policeman in which case we have a loose cannon "bent copper" doing as he pleases on some holy quest to fix something from his childhood like (for example) being raped by a parent.

Fortunatly the indications are that the stalker is not more than computer literate and therefore extreamly unlikely to use high-tech methods in his servalence. Additionally it would seem that he is unlikely to attempt to rob the place as he seems himself as on the side of good.

What is the most likely conclusion from all this?

It would seem taht my attacker has been whaching the police carry out their rudimentry investigations (laughing at them) and is going to great lengths to monitor them. It is likely that he is waiting from the "heat to be off" before he strikes again.

Before I can act against this pervert I must find a way to test and evidence that the stalker is a builder or as the other option a policeman.


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Thursday, March 24, 2005
  Guess what - chill out.

I really need to chill out. I'm like way too tense and that migrane was total evidence that I have got to chill out. Blood pressure too high, so high infact you can almost take my pulse (which is bizzare for me as I was oft labeled the bloodless kid)

While I was not working thus makeing myself even more tense I did a little ego surfing of the "who's linking to me then" kind. I found a blog I had not read before.

It was cool.

It was THIS ONE. I recomend you go have a read as I found it to be rather good even if the lack of a sufficiently obviouse back to main page link ment a little diddling the url to get there manually.

I'm going to go try to find the paper work I need so I can go do some work. Maybe then I can chill out a bit and stop being so tense.


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Wednesday, March 23, 2005
  oh the pain, the pain.

I have a very nasty head ache!

Therefore, I shall blog later.


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Saturday, March 19, 2005
  A New Fun Meme

here is something fun for you to do, call it a potential meme if you like, but do have a go it's really rather fun for you and your readers. It is the ultimate in mystory meat navigateion: a "dot link matrix"! ...or should that be link dot-matrix? ...hmm...

The idea is simple make a grid of links to things about you, your blog, your refferers, you traffic exchanges, even sites you would like to see have a higher page rank... whatever... but it has to connect to you in some way. I'm sure the idea can be refined but... hey that's part of the fun.

Is it art? We don't know but we do know what we like. It looks OK in my editor but I had to play with it a bit to look good on the blog... heven knows if it looks good for anyone else... Also as they are fullstops they are at the bottom of the clickable area so they are actually a little tricky to click.

Here is mine feel free to use my HTML as a template and have fun

. . . . . .
. . . . . .
. . . . . .
. . . . . .
. . . . . .

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Thursday, March 17, 2005
  Funny for us.

For those of any political leaning you should be rather ammused by this here link. It's very funny.


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Tuesday, March 08, 2005
  122% Price rise over 3 months and you want to use a known mis-managed registrar?

My once good domain name (reseller) company (simply.com) has been purchased by the scum of this earth names.co.uk who have in the last three months raised the price by 122% (I kid you not) and added a fee of £10, that's about $21, to "unlock my domain" so I can move it to another company who will charge me as little as $9 (£5) for my first year.

Worse still namesco are resellers for bloody melbourneit who have been part of the error that lost Panix their domain (and all of its email service). It would also seem that these (somewhat overpriced) guys have a deal with Microsoft/MSN.  so that if you type a dead domain name then MSN try to sell it to you via melbourneit. The terms and conditions are "interesting"... (it was news to me at any rate).

As I don't really care to have loose my domains, or pay $80 for two years on my (.net) domain name I am angry As I really don't wish to pay the blackmail price to move, (and so not "rub shoulders" with Bill), I'm rather stuck. Aside from writing a stiff letter I have been unable to think what to do.

"Conveniently", when I phone up the *$#&!£% at namesco the person I need to speak to just left and will be out of the office until next week. It would be nice to think that I can tell ICANN (the people that make the rules for this TLD) of some irregularity but what?

The domain is up for renewal in a few months and I have some seven other domains logged with them. My name is only on the owner information on the owner report so what do my reader(s) suggest as this is daylight robbery.

This post is based on a news submission I made to SlashDot about half an hour ago.


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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Remember when voteing sites were fun - me too. The result is staying up all day working on a public version of mad-den traffic. Allowing users to vote for the sites.

It's free of course. Now the question is how do I tell people about it also for free. that's why I'm abusing my blog to talk about it. But beyond that?

Any ideas?


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Thursday, March 03, 2005
  I am as cool as I thought I was!
Now this was a test to enjoy doing!
I'm Dream!
Which Member of the Endless Are You? 

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  The hint for today is...

Burning feeds...

Way-back-whenI used to do this all of the time. I used to write out advise and be beautiful in word and text. Lately I've been a grumpy blogger and no one reads or at least commetns on my blogs any more. I wish to fix this.

Today I'me going to talk about a service many of use use called feed burner which we use to add the Y! subscribe button and other chicklets.

Feedburner works by taking the ATOM feed that comes with your blogger account (and might be available for other accounts) and doing something cleaver with it. Sometimes if you ask jsut right you can do a whole set of somethings.

It's not just limited to ATOM but includes RSS 1 and RSS 2 feeds that are more common with moveable type and paid-up Live Journal Users. RSS 1 and 2 is not version but type so there are really three main feed formats out there.

Don't worry they say any dicent reader will use any format without you telling it - for the most part this is true. For example your ATOM feed is readable via the "SmartFeed" option in yahoo which is RSS only.

However not all readers are equal and the smart feed sometimes comes out not-quite-right in odd little feeders.

The answer seems simple convert format... but there are problems. Fortunatly there are answers too.

The problem lies in the way the convert happens even with the extreamly impressive smart feed. Some RSS readers don't display the discription / summary portian which is where this article is to be read or your revalations about your boyfriend's sister's husband's uncle's dog will be found - in other words the content is missing.

Also your smartened feed works in more systems than ever before why change it for less systems so your pet system can read it?

That'd be silly.

The next answer seems to burn the feed twice so that half you subscribers read one and half read the other.

It works but those lovely stats are all messed up now.

The trick lies in how you burn your feeds. Done right you loose no stats at all.

First take your blogger feed: http://myBlog.blogspot.com/atom.xml and burn your feed setting smart feed and stats as a minimum. What you have is your optimised feed that lots of people can use. Now take you FeedBurner XML URL which they will give you and burn a new feed from it. This feed can have convert to RSS 1 (or 2) but should not have smart feed as this over rights convert. Also select the summary and teaser option which creates an edit 200 word (or whatever number you set) summary clipped fromt he start of you asstounding content.

You can continue to burn as many specialist feeds as you like and add chicklets for all of them (labeled of course) into your sidebar AND you get stats for them all!

Add the stats chicklet for your main feed and your subfeeds if you like and you will see that the main feed has the stats for all.

Job done - lots of special feeds and without lossing your stats.

Who would use it?

Well I know of a few people with PDAs that run PocketPC-2002 and PocketRSS. Since adding the RSS converted flavour (WITH SUMMARIES) these guys can noww read my blog on their hand helds. It's the content summary that does the magic adding content back in from where-ever ATOM hides it.

I've got a PDA myself now and it is truely irritating not being able to read my fav blogs which I've quickly sync'd before going on a trip. (feeds can be grabbed quickly for off line reading).


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Wednesday, March 02, 2005
  EVILEVILEVIL...RANT...Rant... rant .... puff... ...etc
I've just read a few things on this site: here.

And I am rather upset about it. I want all my loyle readers to be upset too. I know you wont be but I can still hope.


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