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Monday, January 17, 2005
  100 Word Challenge.

According to "blog hot or not" music (No. 1) is more popular than linux (No. 65) both of which are more popular than porn (No. 72) at least in terms of popular keywords.

Given the science of politics of life and "humor" (humour to us English) I have chosen to try and write an article that uses all the top 100 words.  As art goes it might be fun and as an experiment in writing with computers I might even win a few new friends for my weblog.  But on the whole I should just talk at length about sex, relationships, movies and love to do well and maybe this will be the top rated (in google etc) article of all time?  

I am going to do this with out the aid of php or other computer gimickry or beer.

Maybe I will write books and be in the news sparking the formation of a new religion based on this philosophy?  followers of christianity might get annoyed with me and the media family would have a field day with me but I would be on uk tv... probably not likely but a nice idea.

It might turn out to be funny on a personal level at least.  Bend technology to get a geek internet first.  Actually I'm not sure it will be a first but I hope it is.  

This will not be a great work of literature as I will have to talk about san francisco and new york and photography therein but I don't actually know anything worth saying on that subject.  However, blogs being what they are and web design being so forgiving perhaps a few college kids might create a satire commentary on this article. At least the university students will likely write wittier put-downs.

weblogs are great as you can get away with sudden changes of direction mid-article and suddenly talk about London Buddhism Television and liberal Christian reaction to it and then talk about boys football comedy.  No other medium would let me get away with publishing such utter rubbish without causing rants from true journal writers with evil pictures and links to sarcasm from some 14 year old that lives in california and doesn't even know me... oh shoot that is exactly what will happen.

Maybe some poetry about food or a girl I used to know would go down better but I have no intention of playing random games with fashion in the online world of thoughts and reading.

I need to design a paragraph that takes in gay punk in canada and photos of cats owned by anime fans and girls with some programming skill and a webcam.  The only connection I can think of has already been used and as I travel the web I find lots of weird humour that could be used... I'll get back to you on that one.

film culture and comics might go well with women, school sports and pop culture.  From there I will try to write about 80's music and weblogs by female depression experts... I fear that might put me at a dead end unless I talk about the art of getting away with working on one's online diary at work while trying to do stuff with html on blogger.

I truly rock!  No one else in all England dreams up such crazy stuff and gets away with it.  I wonder if anyone will look at http://blog.hotornot.com/pages/topBlogs.html and see if I still got all 100 in my article here?

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